How to add a profile in the Robust Health app to your account to record data for someone else

If you are a parent or caregiver and want to record data for a child/children, or someone else, follow the below steps.

Note: If the person you are creating a profile for already has a Robust Health account, data cannot currently be shared between your account and their account in the app.

Step 1: Access settings

Open the Menu icon and tap on Settings.

Note: The Menu icon is the three horizontal lines you see on your home page in the top left corner of your screen. 

Next, tap on Add Profile.

Tap Someone Else to create a profile to record data for your child, then tap Next.

Note: There should only be one caregiver role created per account. 

Step 2: Enter your info

Enter your first name.

Enter your last name.

Step 3: Enter patient info

Enter the first name of the person you’ll be tracking data for.

Enter the last name of the person you’ll be tracking data for.

Select the date of birth of the person you’ll be tracking data for from the month, day, and year scroll wheels, then tap Next.

Tap the sex assigned at birth of the person you’ll be tracking data for, then tap Next.

Tap the gender identity of the person you’ll be tracking data for, then tap Next or tap Skip to skip this question.

Step 4: Set privacy and treatment center location information

Tap Yes or No to indicate if you want to share the patient’s data with their treatment center, then tap Next. 

Note: You can also come back and link your account to their treatment center after you have created your account.

Select the state where their treatment center is located from the scroll wheel, then tap Next.

Tap the name of their treatment center, then tap Next.

Step 5: Completion

Once the profile is approved, tap Home.

You are now on the Home page of the person’s profile that was just created, and you can begin recording data.

Note: The letter icon at the top of the screen represents the person you are recording information for. It contains the first initial of the person’s first name. Simply tap this icon to switch between profiles.

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