How to export data in the Robust Health app

Step 1: Go to Settings

Users can create a report that is a summary of the information recorded in the app and email it from the app to themselves or someone else.

From the Menu, tap Settings. 

Note: The screenshots contained in this document were taken on an iPhone and may look slightly different on your mobile device. 

Step 2: Select Export Data

Step 3: Select profile

Tap on the name of the profile the data file will be created for.

Step 4: Select export file type and submit

Select the file type for the data export, the desired date range, and enter the email address of who the report should be sent to. Tap Send.

Note: If you want to add more than 1 email address, tap the Add+ button. 

A Success! message indicates the report request has been submitted and the user will be taken back to the Settings menu.

Page 1 of patient report (example)

This report is a summary of information that has been recorded in the app that may be helpful in understanding the patient’s health condition. This report includes statistics on Bleeds, Treatments, PRO Surveys, and Goal Check-Ins.

Page 2 of patient report (example)

This is a detailed view of information recorded in the app to better understand the patient’s condition.

Page 3 of patient report (example)

This is a continuation of the detailed view from the previous screen.

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